09th May 2004 - updates to news page, discography page (new image), Jazzis records added to distributors page
15th February 2004 - yeah yeah, we know, it's been a while, we are laym0rz, etc. Musea (hooray!!) added to distributors list, a couple of broken links changed on, er, links page, and mark added some new gear to the gearhead page.
27th October 2003 - added a coupa cool links to the er links page - new wave photos & philm freax
26th October 2003 - blimey, must do better i think!! Added contact info to purchase page, updated info on contact page
17th August 2003, yes! later that very same day! - added 4 shorter mp3z, added a couple of page titles (news, and flog)
17th August 2003- new distributor added, more text on links and news pages. "Haters" rant added.
8th August 2003 - various little corrections, more links on link page, mp3s of "Villa Flora" and "concerts of the plieades (excerpt)" uploaded, contact page added.
6th august 2003 - preliminary site uploaded