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November 2004
The concert was enjoyable - the organisers, John and Jez, have a nice arrangement going on, and they get a good, clear powerful sound out of their PA system. We didn't feel pressured or hassled setting up, and the atmosphere throughout the night was happy and relaxed. Really, I can't praise John and Jez' efforts highly enough here. The other acts, a guitar looper called Nick Robinson and a laptop/ableton operative going under the name of "Second Thought" were both good, nice people as well. There was a good variation in music styles at the gig, which is always something we like to hear.

As for our set, we were a little bit hesitant in a few places, and hit bum notes a few times, but I guess that's to be expected after all this time. I would have enjoyed watching us, though, which I haven't always been able to say! We played "Sarragossa", from the "Awakenings" compilation, "Villa Flora", "Felix Culpa" and "In nos Aetas…" from "The Little Apocrypha". We also got an encore, for which we did an improv piece, sparking off one of the little random-but-musical sequencer patterns which is one of the specialities of the Wiard Synthesizer. I felt good afterwards. Mark played very well, I thought, and the only really bad arse-up I made was when I reached for the "sequencer load" button on the Yamaha workstation keyboard I use to play the backings, and I pressed the "sequence edit" button instead! Some confusion there, I'll have to put a coloured sticker next to it like I used to have back in the '90's.
For the gear-heads:

Korg Wavestation
Alesis Ion
Yamaha SY77
Wiard/Blacet Research modular synthesiser
E-mu Proteus 2000
Waldorf Micro-Q
Daisy Rock "Retro-H" 12-string guitar
Daisy Rock "Stardust Elite" 6-string guitar

Ibanez Roadstar
Ibanez Steve Lukather sig model Roadstar

More playing live to follow, we both hope.

Here are some photos, taken by John Sherwood.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Check out the awesome ceiling light show on photo 2! If I'd looked up and seen that, I'd have probably got totally mesmerised by it.

there are also some photos at the "awakenings" website, here.

August 2004
Another gig, this one is a bit of a long way off, but we've got plenty of time to practice! We're playing at a gig in Leeds called "ambient live". More information when we have it (keep checking ambient live's website too)

June 2004
Oh no we haven't, the gig is PULLED, and we will not be appearing this time around, gah. Mark is off the the United States for a couple of months in July, so I'll try and hunt out some more live shows for when he comes back in Autumn. Ryofu's act sounded interesting and highly unusual, and I was looking forward to seeing her. (glum face)

May 2004
We have a GIG!! We are supporting an artist called Ryofu, at Alnwick playhouse on the 25th of June this year. More details very soon.

We are recording some new material, and so far it seems to be going well. Expect more acoustic guitar, and more overtly electronic sounds mixed in w/the rest of it all. I'll bung up some mp3s as soon as I have any mixes worth listening to.

"The Little Apocrypha" released
Ok, we admit this one took a long, long time to complete and release. The recording sessions were spread over several years, the mixing took months, we had it finished for over a year before we released it. We'd like to say that this was because we took lots of exciting drugs, and wound up in rehab, or we travelled to exotic places around the world, and discovered that the philosophical outlook we found there meant more than our hollow western consumerist existence, but really, what slowed us up was much, much more mundane - ordinary life - Norman and Jill had a baby, We are all very poor. It's as simple as that. Sorry, I know that's really boring, poss I could make something thrilling up for the next update? Eh, nevertheless, the times we spent recording it were a lot of fun, and quite often magickal, the whole "wow, where did that come from? thing, which is what makes doing musick so good & loveable. Nevertheless, it took a long, long time - much longer than we meant it to. We are very proud of the end result. For those of you of a gear-head disposition, I wrote this little list, lightly annotated, of what we used to record "The Little Apocrypha"