Here are some MP3-ised selections from our releases. we intend to add to this section & change it regularly, so check back often. For those of you who are musicians, we intend to post up interesting samples whenever we can as well (don't hold your breath). All of the MP3 excerpts were ripped using exact audio copy, and encoded using the LAME encoder

Excerpts from Vietgrove releases.

"The Little Apocrypha"

"Villa Flora" complete track (10mb d/l)

"Cydonia" excerpt(3.3mb d/l)

"Concerts of the Plieades" excerpt(4.9mb d/l)

Shorter snippets (sorry, we couldn't stand lower compression quality for the longer clips)

a bit of "La Casa Sul Lago Della Luna"(2.2mb d/l)

thee beginning of "Felix Culpa"(1.7mb d/l)

a bit of "In Nos Aetas Ultima Venit?"(2.2mb d/l)

another bit of "In Nos Aetas UltimaVenit?"(2mb d/l)

"Orbis Tertius"

"On Eniwetok Atoll" complete track(11.5mb d/l) - partly inspired by JG Ballard's "The Terminal Beach", don't you know.

"The Babylonian Lottery"c omplete track(1.7mb d/l) - Inspired, like several other pieces, by the genius of Jorge Luis Borges.

Unreleased material.

Haha nothing here yet - give us a chance already!!

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.wav files, generally 16-bit, sample rate as noted.