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Here you will find a selection of links to other sites. Useful resources, good musicians, Interesting stuff/people, and that which freaked us out. Selected w/care, just for you...

Other musicians and bands

Intimidatingly intelligent, witty, clever, etc, he makes us sick. His rekkids are awesome as well, which just makes it worse. Norman recommends "The Little Red Songbook" especially. Not only is there much highly interesting and thought-provoking stuff in his "Thoughts" section, all of the essays contained therein are packed with hyperlinks to interesting places. He also has a livejournal, that's been running for a while, and which is worth checking regularly.

Julian Cope
THE DR00D, D00D!!! someone else who makes us sick - great singer, songwriter, writer etc etc. this site is crammed full of great information, about musick, environmentalism, and archaeology! Well worth repeated visits!!

Peter Hammill
one of our music gods. From the late 1960's onwards he has never failed to produce interesting and captivating music, and he has never rested on his laurels either. A true inspiration.

Ian Boddy
A superior electronic musician, specialising in spacy, drifty ambient sounds. He's been going for years, and knows how to do this stuff properly. Not only this, he's a thoroughly decent human being as well

Paul Nagle
Another good british synthesist of the old school, this time specialising in the more melodic type of sound. Another decent human being as well.

Progressive rock covers band, who play regularly in the NE of england. Gracious, who is that fellow on keyboards??

Caninus. Extreme metal band. Their singer is a dog. Not dog as in "bad singer", but dog as in "man's best friend". they have a single out, and there are a couple of MP3s on the site.

"Neo-Prog" Special:

The early eighties = thrilling times for the lover of Progressive rock music - Solstice on the cover of "Sounds" magazine! Dagaband at Sunderland "old Twenty Nine"! Gonk haircut, headband, red braces over white shirt, and headless bass at the ready!! We searched the web, so you don't have to (ahem - some of these links did take a bit of finding actually) It's a pleasant surprise to see just how many of these people are still making music. Less pleasant to see that some of these people are even worse at updating their sites than us - some achievement!! Come on people, look at Twelfth Night's site and see how it's done! Bands listed in no particular order, I'm just going to sling a bunch of links up for now, and add more commentary later - THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS:

Twelfth Night - Possibly the oddest of the class of '82 (or whenever it was, I grow old), possibly the best as well? Their standout record, I think, is "Live at the Target". The site linked to is great, and contains just about everything you need to know about them, and includes a messageboard where various ex-members of the band occasionally appear. here is a site dedicated to their highly talented and idiosyncratic singer, the late Geoff Mann.

IQ's Official site, though there are many more sites dedicated to this great band. There you will find a messageboard, where members of the band post occasionally.

Haze and World turtle, etc. Sheffield's finest! Lovely people as well

Glacier Neo band from Darlington (we think...) Norman saw them at thimbleberry music festival and they were very good..

Solstice!! Makers of the classic "Silent Dance" album. Seemingly defunct at the moment? Let us know if not...

Lahost!! Amazing photos of the band (who I must admit I've never heard) in their eighties splendour.

Pallas!! Their mighty album, "The Sentinel" rolled over all of their contemporaries like a big steamroller. We recently bought their last album, "The Cross and the Crucible", and it took a bit of getting into, but what d'you know, it's great. They still have that mighty epic sound.



More to follow

Our Favourite Music Resources

Freaky Trigger
If the regular music press contained articles as good as those presented here, they might actually have more readers, or mean a damn, or something. Link to many other interesting bloggish writings from here.

The Organ
Great music/news/resource site. One of the best links pages I've seen, amongst other good stuff.

Hairless Heart Herald A friendly, charming, and nicely written review site. Updated regularly.

A huge collection of high-quality new wave band photographs - Joy Division, Magazine, Teardrop Explodes etc. Essential for "liverpool scene" and Factory Records fans

Philm Freax' digital archive Collection of photos mainly from the early '70's u/g music scene - Hawkwind, Pink Fairies etc. Great pics, & some good reminiscences. Well worth spending some time exploring.

"Sequences" magazine Excellent labour-of-love periodical, dealing w/electronic music and progressive rock.

Jon Miller's web site Loads of interviews with electronic musicians, as well as a bunch of technical articles. A good writer, with an interesting choice of interview subjects.

Music & Gearhead Talk
"I Love Music" & "I Love Everything" bulletin boards
excellent, wide-ranging and informed discussion of music (the former) and, er, everything (the latter). Rarely anything less that entertaining, and usually very informative and interesting.

Analogue Heaven
Mailing list for users of analogue synthesisers & recording gear. Lots of highly knowledgeable posters are subscribed to this list, and if these topics are interesting to you, it's well worth subscribing. the link leads to a searchable archive, and there is subscription information ther as well.

Progressive Ears message board
High-quality & knowledgeable discussion of progressive rock music. Very wide definition of what constitutes "prog rock", so there is likely to be something interesting for everyone here. Registration required before posting, though anyone may browse thee archives.

Melo's Prog Bazaar An alternative progressive rock-related internet forum, for when you might want to discuss more contentious issues, perhaps.

Unusual Stuff
(One of the best things abt the interweb - the "wtf" factor! NB some of these links are not work safe. You have been warned.)

"Darque Dungeon" - GOTHICK 4 LIFE, BITCH!!

"The 'A' List" You know how depressing it is when knowledge of the doings of vacuous celebrities pwns your brain, and you can't do anything about it? This site is the revenge!! UNBELIEVABLY bitchy gossip on a huge alphabetical list of celebs. You will never look at the cover of "Hello!" again, without thinking "poor personal hygiene", "bad tipper", "lights are on, but no-body is at home" etc etc etc. This is quite possibly the best site on the entire interweb.

Stick Figure Death Theater
gory flash animations of "stick figures" ie "matchstick men" meeting a series of gruesome fates. Why? Er... mildly amusing at first, but becomes more & more disturbing, the more you look at it.

Exploding Whale
Astonishing archive footage of attempt to rid US beach of smelly, dead, stranded whale by over-enthusiastic use of high explosive! An urban myth come to life!

The Realdoll
A company manufacturing highly realistic lifesize models of attractive young women. What are they for? Have a bleedin' guess. Artistically, the guy who designs these things is surely the equal of the Chapman Brothers at least, plus, his creations are evidently functional, too!!

The Museum of Bad Art
Terrible, but memorable pictures, found in dumpsters ant thrift shops. A gallery that I must visit in my lifetime, I think.

congratulations if you can work out just what the hell this is
One of the links pops up this peculiar, and great little animation, w/weird little tentacle things, which move around making bleeping noises. I have no idea why, but it's kind of uh captivating and hypnotic. Or something

right wing ice cream.
A conservative equivalent to "Ben & Jerry's"! This actually appears to be for real. You want to politicise ICE CREAM???? Why????

Oh my God, CONSERVATIVE TOMATO KETCHUP as well!! Is there no commonplace foodstuff that cannot be politicised by these loonies??!