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Herein is listed our complete discography, dating back to thee dear old 1980's.

Vietgrove Releases

"Vietgrove" (cassette, 1986)

Norman Phay/synths Carlton Hopper/guitar. Recorded on an old Yamaha 4-track, and Using a 10w bass amp for monitoring, miraculously, this one still sounds pretty good. Even if we did overdo it with our new Alesis digital reverb, resulting in it sounding like it was coming from the other end of a warehouse. We were young, we knew no better, right?.

"Perhinderion" (cassette, 1987)

Photo by John Hughes

Norman Phay/synths. The 10w bass amp let us down this time. A few good ideas here, but, well, I don't know really.... It just didn't work out properly. Norman occasionally toys with the idea of re-recording this one, don't hold yr breath though.

"Green Hinge" (cassette, 1991)

Norman Phay/synths. Realised during a time of unremitting grimness in Norman's life, this one turned out to be one of Vietgrove's best releases, all very sinuous and mysterious-sounding. "Green Hinge" will probably be released on CD-r this year. Watch the news page for details.

"The Garden of Forking Paths" (cassette, 1992)

Norman Phay/synths
Lee Callaghan/guest lead electrick guitar

"Orbis Tertius" (Cassette & CD, 1994)

Cover art: Jill Robinson

Norman Phay/synths/guitar
Mark Bailey/electrick guitar

"The Little Apocrypha" (CD 2003)

Apocrypha cover

Norman Phay/synths/guitar/bass/programming Mark Bailey/guitar/bass/programming. Unbelievable - 8 yrs since the last one!! Actually we finished this well over a year ago, and it took an age to record (we started it in 1997), but what can we say? "real life" will go & get in the way of the musick sometimes. We're still here though.

Compilations & Guest Appearances (more details to follow)

"Ambient Live: Awakenings" (3 x CD-r, Ambient Live label, 2005

Features "Saragossa 2", an expanded and beefed-up version of the piece from "Do not listen if you hate us". We're very pleased with this one. This is a really good compilation, with a lot of strong music on it, and we recommend it highly. It is very cheap, and you can buy copies from the ambient live label.

"Freedom Beyond the Clouds" (cassette, "Electronical Dreams" label ED005, 1989)

Features unreleased Vietgrove track "The Zuwelyan Gate", as well as tracks by Steve Gay, Carl Matthews, Jonathan Miller, Paul Nagle, Michel Neil, Colin Potter, Keith Scarterfield and Synthetik. Jon Miller's track was recorded in Norman's studio.

"UK Synthasia '92 - Live in Liverpool (cassette, "Futuaura Music" label, 1992)

Live comp of tracks played by various acts appearing at this highly enjoyable Liverpool-based electronic music fest, that only ran for 2 years, more's the pity. Includes a slightly manky version of "Aura Rhanes". Also features Corporation, Brian Evans, Dave Thompson, Synthetik, Paul Ward and Ian Boddy. Synthetik was GREAT!!

"Sequences" magazine issue 7

Features "The Garden of Forking Paths"
There is another issue of "Sequences", featuring an unreleased Vietgrove track. More to follow when I dig it out from the vault!

"Truth or Dare" (CD, Cue Records CUE1129, 1997)

Featuring a collaboration between Norman and Ian Boddy, "11:59", also features Kees Aerts, Air Sculpture, Ron Boots, James J. Clent, John Dyson, Jean Paulvan Engelen, Harold van der Heijen, Deltef Keller, Robert Marselie, Mario Schonwalder, Syndromeda and Rene de Vrena in various combinations.

"The British Progressive Rock Audio Directory (part 2)" (Cassette, no label info, 1994)

Features otherwise unreleased Vietgrove track "K.W.", Cassette (part of a set of 3) includes tracks by Cyan, World Turtle, Exhibit A, Marc Catley, Primitive Instinct, Quasar, Framework, Maryen Cairns, Mr So & So, Grace, Earthstone and Porcupine tree (!) This is a really good set of tapes. The Earthstone track on this volume is AWESOME.

Ian Boddy - "Continuum" (double CD, Something Else Records SER er er I'll get back to you on that)

Double CD of highlights from day-long electronic music concert/event by this clever and talented synthesist. Norman turned up partway through the event, which involved sections of played music, and sections where the machine played itself. He farted around with Ian's Minimoog, and made some noises nice enough that Ian kept them, and graciously gave Norman an album credit. I think this is out of print, but I'm not sure. A link to Ian's site is on the links page.

"Do not listen if you hate us- an ILX compliation" (CD-r 2002)

Features unreleased Vietgrove track, "Saragossa"

"Don't even waste your time googling it" - Individual Appearances

Norman Phay

Solo instrumental synthesiser track "A king of fire and his steed" (many, many thanks to Mark Pulver for hosting)

As member of "Random Felch"
Random Felch members included Norman, Lee Callaghan, Richard Hudson, Sean "Cocky", Helen, Matt Moir. 2 tracks, "13", and "Butter" on punk CD compilation "Rudi Rat I think it's either vol6 or vol7, and it was on a Geman label called Ecocentric. I'll let you know when I find my copy. We were an outstanding live band!

As member/associate of "Sex for Ollie"

"Faucal Dirge", a track on the CD comp listed above. Calla's track, but w/some engineering/sampler operation from Norman.

As member of "Projectile Afterbirth"

"Hats off to Larry", (7" single, FP Records FP001, 1993) Norman Fay/Lee Callaghan. A 7" single compilation of 3 Wild Man Fischer covers, "Miss Jennifer Jones" was one of them, I forget the rest, again, I'll post up all the other stuff when I find my copy. I believe this record sold nearly 1000 copies, certainly my biggest-selling release. OF COURSE we never got paid. We started a follow-up, a similar compilation of Bananrama songs, but didn't finish it when it became apparent that we'd been stiffed.
There was also going to be an album of similar music, under the name "SVSO", Calla and myself recorded the entire album over a period of a couple of months. "Snc Yth", the sneaky last track on "Orbis Tertius" was actually one of the tracks from it. I remember a track called "Nihil", 2 versions, 1 slow and one fast, with the lyrics "nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing,nothing", a track called "terminal flesh addict", and some great spooky noisescapes. the album is a lost noise music classic, as well as a sample clearance minefield. Calla has the masters, I believe.

Mark Bailey

Lee Callaghan

Thee EV0L genius behind Random Felch, "Sex for Ollie", "Projectile Afterbirth", as well as the typesetter for the CD cover of "Orbis Tertius", Calla seems to have dropped off the music scene, more's the pity. I haven't seen him in a while, but I'd like to get back in touch. Calla, are you out there? gimme a ring or an email or suchlike.

Jon Miller

Jon, who played a couple of all-electronic Vietgrove gigs with Norman, and who co-wrote a track from "Green Hinge", is a sucessful music technology journalist, who has written for "Sound on Sound", "Keyboard", "Future Music" and many other titles. He has recently completed a book about Depeche Mode. In a recent email, he has mentioned wanting to get back into writing and recording. Jon's website, which includes interviews with many electronic music artists is here.

Carlton Hopper

I haven't spoken to Carlton for a long time, but I believe he has a successful career, and I believe he still plays guitar. At the very least, he released a 7" single after moving away back in the 1980's. Hello Carlton!! I hope you're well!